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New Construction Inspections Request

Fire Inspection

The North Central Fire Protection District is required to conduct inspections on all new commercial, educational, institutional, and residential buildings to ensure compliance with fire and life safety regulations. Schedule your new construction inspections here.

The initial inspection fee is based on the following two criterions: square footage and the occupancy hazard type or, in the case of R-1/R2 occupancies (Hotel/Motel/Apartments), the number of units. The Fire Inspection Fee Schedule is printed on the back of the inspection form. If violations are found and cannot be immediately corrected, a re-inspection of the premises would be in order (with 30 days given to comply). If all violations are corrected at the time of re-inspection there will be no re-inspection fee; however, if violations are not corrected a second re-inspection of the premises will be required and there will be a charge for that inspection. There is a fee for any subsequent re-inspections required to ensure compliance, until all corrections have been made.

In an effort to assist business owners in complying with fire and life safety regulations, the North Central Fire Protection District is providing an inspection check list of common violations. The check list will assist occupants in surveying their building on a periodic basis and eliminate potential violations. The inspection check list and fee schedule are located on this section of the web site.

The North Central Fire Protection District recommends this check list be reviewed monthly and prior to the scheduled inspection to eliminate any obvious fire and life safety violations.

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