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Fire Station 59  -  Bullard/Fig Garden

The North Central Fire District Board members, in June 2021 took action to increase the level of fire protection service to the County residents by staffing two fire engines at Bullard/West fire station 59, with a minimum of 6 firefighters every day of the year. Each of these fire apparatuses are capable of responding throughout the Metro area within a four minute response time . Adding this station back to the response system,  has exceed the industry standard of one apparatus and four firefighters arriving to a house fire.

Station 59 was closed in 2007 and is scheduled to reopen July 2022, to provided fire protection in the 5 square miles of Fresno County islands in the Bullard/Fig Garden area. This station located at 1709 W. Bullard Ave., was originally opened as NCFPD Station #7 in 1958 and was remodeled and restaffed on July 1, 2022.  The call volume in the first-in area is approximately 750 annual. On an average, less than 5 incidents per year require more than 2 fire engines to effectively manage the emergency.  The District maintains 21 on-duty firefighters, staffing 7 fire engines.

The Bullard/Fig Garden area has two elected representives. Director Rusty Nonini, Division 1  and Director Michael Golden, Division 5.

District 1 and 5 map
Election Division 1 Boundaries Map
Voting Division 5 Map
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