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County of Fresno Plans Review Submitial 

For All Projects Located in the Couty of Fresno, the process is as follows:

  1. Applicant will print (2) copies of the proposed plans, all supporting documents (Calculations, spec sheets, etc.), and a plan review application and deliver or mail to North Central Fire Protection District Headquarters. Note: Plan review applications can be found HERE . A printed copy can be submitted in person or postal service at North Central Fire Headquaters located at 15850 W. Kearney Blvd, Kerman Ca, 93630.
  2. North Central Fire will accept the plans and prepare them for review by a third party plan reviewer. Plans will be picked up every Thursday at noon. The Districts strives to meet a 21-day turnaround time from the time plans are dropped off to when the applicant is notified plans are ready for pickup.
  3. NOTE: If plans are dropped off later than 3:30pm on Wednesday afternoon, the plans wont be processed and picked up until the next week.
  4. During the review process comments or notes on the plans will be directly discussed between the third-party plan reviewer and the applicant.
  5. Once approved the third-party reviewer will deliver plans to the fire prevention division.
  6. The prevention division will then create an invoice for the review, a job card, fire permit and notify the applicant that plans are ready for pickup.
  7. Payment can only be made by CASH, CHECK, OR MONEY ORDER at the fire prevention counter located at North Central Fire Protection District headquarters.
  8. Once payment is received plans, permit, and job card will be transferred to the applicant. Job cards MUST remain on site with plans that are wet stamped and a PDF copy of the wet stamped plans must be received by to receive your final inspection.

For instructions on how to Request an Inspection or contact NCFPD directly at 559-878-4560.

Plan Review Application

(This form must be completed with all plans submitted)

Plan Review Form - DFP-01

Permit fees are due upon approval of plans. A representative from our office will be in contact with you to provide plan status. We do not provide plan status during the plan review period. Plan review may take up to 21 business days for each review (including resubmittals)

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